What is day training & how much does it cost?

While you are away at work, on errands, etc, I come to your home and teach your dog! We work on whatever issues or behaviors you would like. Day training is $125/session (your first appointment/meet n greet is free when you book future dates during that session).  Packages are available.

How does it work?

First, we set up a time for me to come and meet you and your dog at your home, where the training will take place. We will come up with a custom plan that fits your needs – such as: days/times of training, what behaviors you would like your dog to learn, what behavioral issues around the home need to be addressed, exercise/feeding needs while I am with your dog, etc.  After a set number of sessions with your dog, we will do a ‘transfer session’ where I will teach YOU how to work with your dog and maintain the training.  Transfer sessions may happen more than once, depending on your dog and your needs.

After every session, you will receive notes, instructions, video, etc uploaded to your personal, private online file.  This will help you understand where your dog is at in his/her training, keep you updated on any/all issues, and let you see your dog hard at work during his/her session.

What are some things you can work on while you train my dog?

Common issues that are worked on while I am at home with your dog include:  all basic obedience exercises like sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, go-to-place, food/item stealing, door manners, and more. I can also teach and work with your dog on any physical therapy needs prescribed by another practitioner.  If you need your dog walked/fed while I am there, or would like reiki done for your dog, that can be arranged too (additional fees may apply for these services).

Ellie is working on physical therapy exercises.

I am worried about a stranger in my home when no one else is:

This is an understandable and important concern.  Please be assured that I have many references, carry insurance, and I am bonded, as well as certified.  Your home, your possessions, and most of all your beloved dog are safe in my care.

How can I set up my first day training session for my dog?

Visit the following page and select a date and time under the Day Training option.  This will be a meet n greet with me at your home, so you will need to be available for this first consultation. Subsequent sessions will be held when you are away.


Harley receiving reiki during a session.