Schedule your first Coaching session, or Day Training ‘meet-n-greet’ below.  At the time of your appointment, we will discuss the plan and package that best suits you and your dog’s needs. You don’t need to pay anything upfront and if after your first session you are not satisfied,  you pay nothing.

Pricing and session length: First session is 90 minutes and all subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.  The first session rate is $135.  After that, you may choose to pay as you go for $135/session or purchase packages HERE.

(NOTE:  Meet-n-Greets are for Day Training intake only.)


Did you know….when you register for an account during a class or private coaching sign-up, this allows you to easily change your appointment, keep track of your packages and personal account information, and avoid having to fill out another full form when you book future appointments?  Your information is always personal and confidential.