Getting Bugged? Try This Kid & Dog-Safe Ant Spray

We’ve been plagued by tiny ants in the house this winter. Not sure why they are making themselves at home on our kitchen counter but these little winter ants are pretty annoying and no matter how much I clean, they are insisting on hanging around.

I really dislike chemical bug sprays which are definitely not kid and animal safe. So what I’ve begun to do is experiment with essential oils – EOs – (not just for bug control but for other things as well. Look for other posts on essential oil uses).

For essential oil bug spray, I take 2 cups of water to 6 drops of essential oil (this is approximate). The essential oil brands I use are Young Living and my new EO love is Art Naturals.  The right EO is important.  Look for theraputic grade. The good EOs can be pricey but worth it, and since only a small amount is used at a time, the bottles last.  Put the oil and water in a glass spray bottle. Spritz the areas affected by the ants after thoroughly cleaning the surface.

You will find that for this bug repellant you’ll nee to reapply regularly (1 to 2x a day). You don’t need to saturate the are, just spritz for the essence of the oil.  I have not had any issues with damage to surface (some EOs are strong and may damage certain surfaces). But best to test a small area JUST to be sure.

I spray my counters with this spray and it works really well. Not only that, there is a wonderful, clean peppermint smell that lingers for a little bit.

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