The method I use to train dogs (and any animal) is a branch of psychology called Applied Behavior Analysis. This is a widely used, scientifically valid method used on animals as well as people that uses positive reinforcement to dramatically change behavior.

The Behavior Education Network succinctly describes ABA in a lovely way:

The science of Applied Behavior Analysis is a distinctly different field of study than the field of ethology and the study of animal behavior. Simply put, behavior analysis is the application of operant conditioning to real world behavior issues in people and animals.”

Behavior Analysts use positive reinforcement contingencies to change behavior. That means I will not use painful, fear-inducing, or forceful methods to teach animals new ways of behaving. You will learn easy-to-apply techniques to modify your dog’s behavior in kind and humane ways. The method is extremely effective when used properly and following through with the custom behavior and training plans you will receive WILL improve not only your dog’s behavior but also your relationship. You may find the method to be a new way to relate to dogs in general and even people. It has been a life-changing journey for me that I am still embarking on, and my hope is that it will be for you as well.

I am a CBCC, which means I am a Certified Behavior Consultant, currently working on a degree in Applied Psychology, and ultimately a Masters degree in Behavior Analysis. This is a field of study I take very seriously; my obligation to my clients and their dogs is great, and it is imperative that the techniques I show you and use on your dog are safe, humane, effective and grounded in applied science.