Pandemic Chronicles, Pt 1

So I am going to just stream-of-conscious this blog post, I am not really sure what I want to say but I know I want to get some things out. First of all, life is super surreal right now. Everyone is handling this coronavirus pandemic in their own way and I think it is important to allow space for people to do so – the only thing I have a judgey judgement on are those who aren’t practicing physical distancing, and are causing the virus to spread. Regardless of whether you think this virus is serious or not, it IS out there spreading and if we don’t all work together to “flatten the curve”, we are going to be on “house arrest” for a longer period of time. So stay away from people and stay home! Just please make sure you aren’t isolating yourself from human connection – stay in touch via phone, email, video chat, and social media. My heart is hurting for those who do not have their usual means of connection and may not have access to or the ability to use phones and internet – seniors specifically are weighing on my mind.

I am in introvert so being forced to stay indoors and away from others hasn’t been as big a deal for me now that I am settling into a new normal (breaking from my schedule was difficult the first week), although I am seriously craving a need for communication through social media and phone. I also didn’t realize how important the little daily interactions with people are to me, now that they are gone. Even the smallest instance of human connection feels really important right now – waving to or smiling at a fellow human from a distance when we take walks feels super important.

The worldwide pandemic has caused us all to stop in our tracks and take a long hard look around us – and inside ourselves. I truly hope that as scary and disruptive as this all has been that we can use this time to take stock of our lives, figure out what isn’t working and needs to change, and to most of all give THANKS for the little – and big – things that are so easy to overlook when we are in autopilot mode during a typical day. I do not always stay mindful of what is happening in my life and around me, I am so focused on getting through each day and just going through the motions that feel like I lose days at a time because I am not allowing for awareness. Then I got laid off of my job (due to coronavirus) and suddenly found myself at home all day with my 6 year old daughter, doing home school, and taking scheduled daily walks like they were the only line to a sanity that was slowly starting to slip away. That first week was really hard mentally and I started to feel trapped and panicked. Then I started to settle into our new norm. And I started noticing things.

I noticed that even though we are trapped indoors and businesses are closed and we are not able to engage in social activities that we are accustomed to, there is something in the air that feels bigger, wider, and all-encompassing. There is more space. I had a talk with my brother the other day and we were both agreeing that even though it seems like we should be feeling more closed in, trapped, cut off, the opposite seems to be happening – we are feeling a sense of openness and connection. I don’t think that is a coincidence or a meaningless observation. The whole world is experiencing this pandemic and the virus doesn’t care about borders, race, class, money, power, or anything else – we are all susceptible and all experiencing the ripple effects. So there is a grander sense of humanity and realization that we are all HUMAN BEINGS, TOGETHER, on this planet. So there is more sense of Oneness.

This time, right now, what we are experiencing, is a time for growth and change. What can that look like? I really think it can be anything we want it to be, anything we desire. I refuse to believe we – humanity – will come out the other side of this thing without having gained some amazing, soul-shifting, life-changing, world-healing effects. The devastation of this pandemic – in all the forms that it is taking and will take – CANNOT be for nothing. There is change in the air and the space to make change, both in actuality – time is now something many of us have more of* – and metaphysically. As in, an energy shift is taking place and great things can change in this world if enough people align themselves with this shift. The space is being made for us right NOW. What do YOU want changed in your own life, and in this world? What little tiny changes can you start making RIGHT NOW to move towards those goals, dreams, desires?

*Here I want to give a shout out to all those amazing “Essentials” out there working overtime, keeping things going, risking exposure, having to be away from their families, in order to provide and care for the rest of us.

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