Dog Walking – 20 minutes in yard or walking off of property – always on leash. Includes any feeding or medicating needed during my visit. – $25/per visit.   Package of 5 visits:  $100

Pet Sitting Visit (typically for those who will be away for 24+ hours and need more than one visit in a 24 hour period) .  Includes feeding, litter or medicating as needed, outdoor potty time.  – $20/visit.  Package of 7 visits: $120.00

Day Training – Come home to a better behaved dog. I will work with your dog on leash manners and general behaviors like sit, stay, down, and proper house manners. Includes walk/potty time and any feeding/medicating needed, as well as video and “report card” explaining what we worked on and the progress your dog has made.  These can be customized to suit you and your dog’s needs. –  $50/per visit.  Package of 3: $125.00.

Select, Premium Overnight Care – $75/12 hour shift, up to 2 dogs and/or 2 cats (I come to your home and stay overnight to care for your animals – additional animals, please inquire)

Key Charge: At time of initial interview and booking of services, client should supply 2 keys.  If client does not supply keys at this time, a charge of $10.00 will be billed to pick up key.  Keys shall not be left at home, under mats, statues, etc. This is for my client’s protection which is always priority # 1.  They must be hand delivered to me at the time of booking, or else I will pick them up prior to the service for the extra charge of $10.00.  If the client does not wish me to keep the keys for future visits, there will be a $10.00 key drop off charge. I will never leave a key, keys will always be hand-delivered when returned to client after services are completed.

Client Contract:  Please download, print and fill out to have ready for first interview.