Dog Walking – 20 minutes in yard or walking off of property – always on leash. Includes any feeding or medicating needed during my visit. – $25/per visit.   Package of 5 visits:  $100

Pet Sitting Visit (typically for those who will be away for 24+ hours and need more than one visit in a 24 hour period) .  Includes feeding, litter or medicating as needed, outdoor potty time.  – $20/visit.

Multiple animals – subject to price increases on a case by case basis, depending on number of animals and needs. 

Key Charge: At time of initial interview and booking of services, client should supply 2 keys.  If client does not supply keys at this time, a charge of $10.00 will be billed to pick up key.  Keys shall not be left at home, under mats, statues, etc. This is for my client’s protection which is always priority # 1.  They must be hand delivered to me at the time of booking, or else I will pick them up prior to the service for the extra charge of $10.00.  If the client does not wish me to keep the keys for future visits, there will be a $10.00 key drop off charge. I will never leave a key, keys will always be hand-delivered when returned to client after services are completed.