To schedule a reiki session, please EMAIL ME.

Reiki & Energy Work:

Remote Reiki Sessions for Animals & People:

  • $25/15-min
  • $45/30-min
  • $80/60-min

About Reiki:

My Reiki Credentials: I am certified in traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki through Reiki Blessings Academy. In additional, I am certified in Dolphin Reiki and Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. I receive continuing education through the North Jersey Massage School and am a certified Reiki Master through them as well (www.northjerseymassage.com).

About the Reiki Sessions: I use an eclectic, intuition-based approach for reiki sessions. I have studied several types of reiki systems and developed my own approach to using these energies. Unless otherwise indicated for specialty sessions, I use the energy, or a combination of energies, I feel will work best for a client and their unique situation.

-In-home (currently not available): The animal dictates how the session will go. If he or she does not feel comfortable having my hands on a body part, my hands will rest a few inches from the animal instead. In some cases, reiki may even be sent from across the room when an animal is fearful or too nervous to allow me to approach. Animals are never restrained or forced during a reiki session. They are in control and most often will settle in and enjoy the energy flow however and whenever they are most comfortable.

-Remote for all species: Currently, most of my sessions are done remotely. Remote energy sessions for animals may or may not be done when the human is present with the animal. That is up to the human. Sessions are scheduled on Eastern Time.

Remote sessions are just as powerful as in-home/hands-on sessions because the energy flows directly to the person or animal or situation, despite the distance. The energy is always THERE, with you. It just needs to be ‘tapped into’ and directed – which is where I come in. Remote session are priced lower because they do not involve travel time and gas, and for many, the remote sessions are the most convenient.

Many people ask me, “How do remote sessions work?” I admit, it seems odd that a person or animal could reap the benefits of reiki when the practitioner is miles, states, or even continents away.

Reiki and other energies know no bounds of time or space. In fact, many believe energy works on the principles of ethereal time, where past-present-future are just concepts and events occur simultaneously, not in a linear fashion. It’s a tough one to wrap your mind around, and in truth, no one *really* knows all the how’s and why’s of reiki. But we do know that those receiving reiki from a distance report the same feelings and benefits as those receiving reiki up close and personal from a practitioner.

Reiki work is about intent more than about physicality – if the sender intends to send, and the receiver intends to receive, the energy flows.

Remote reiki sessions are very popular because they allow the receiver to stay in the comfortable surroundings of home, in a private setting. They can decorate or enhance the surroundings in a way that makes them feel most comfortable, i.e. by playing soft music, lighting candles, burning incense, using aromatherapy, etc.

Who can have a Reiki session? ANYONE, regardless of problem, location, or condition. This includes animals! I also do situational sessions, which helps bring about the best outcome for a specific situation. Situational sessions also help clear out stuck energy so a lingering issue may finally be resolved.