Plastic clicker with wrist coil. Pick one up at your first training session!

Training Leashes

I’ve tried them all and I like these Original Leather Obedience Leashes the best! Order yours through: Bridgeport Equipment

PetSafe Martingale Collars

This is a great, safe collar to go walking in. This is the collar I use when I’m using a leash. Leash needed? – this collar is what I attach it to. *NOTE: never leave this collar on your dog unattended. Leash comes off, collar comes off. Get yours here: PetSafe.

Buckle-on Nylon Martingale Collar

I love these collars. I use these for stronger or bigger dogs. You can order them here, from Schafer Kennel Dog Supplies.

Recommended Books & Videos

Dogs – By Coppinger. This is a must-read for the serious canine enthusiast. The subtitle of this book is “A New Understanding of Canine Origins, Behavior & Evolution”. If you want the truth about where dogs come from, this book cannot be missed. Think you know the story? Pick up this book, then think again.




On Talking Terms with Dogs – By Turid Rugaas. One of the most important and influential dog books of recent years, On Talking Terms With Dogs will take you into a whole new world of reading dog body language. This book is a triumph and has influenced many trainers. Finally, when your dog speaks, you’ll be able to listen.



Clicker Magic DVD – By Karen Pryor. Wonderful introduction to clicker training, what it is and how it works. If you are new to clicker training and want to get a head start on your upcoming training session with me, I highly recommend you check this video out.